Just a short 45 minutes from Salt Lake City and you’ve arrived for a day trip you’ll sure to never forget.  Stroll through the Aspens and listen to the fast moving streams as you embrace nature’s sounds and smells. Rather you hike or ride up the mountain side your view will be amazing.  We opted for both and bought tickets on the chair lift and headed up the mountain.  Once at the top we set out for an easy two mile hike with the kids.  We took in beautiful waterfalls and snow capped mountains hiked around the area and then headed back down ready for a cup of hot chocolate. Yes, it’s Memorial Day weekend, but it’s a crisp 50 degrees in the mountains. Luckily, Big E is an Eagle Scout you know the motto “Always be prepared,” and we were, wearing pants, long sleeves and even light jackets. I had to giggle at the folks on the chair lift freezing to death in their shorts. I think they were from Mississippi.
All and all it was a beautiful day spent in one of the most amazing areas of Utah.

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