May In New York City

A windy ferry ride to Manhattan…
Staten Island Ferry
After a quick one hour and 45 minute drive from eastern Pennslyvania and we were crossing the Hudson river between Staten Island and lower Manhattan. On our 20 minute scenic ferry ride over to Manhattan we took in breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline. Once docked we went down into the subway for a quick ride to Times Square. We came out of the subway to a sea of lights and flashing billboards that illuminated even in broad daylight our video game-loving kids were mesmerized.
Times Square, NYC
We walked a few short blocks to Sixth Avenue, also called The Avenue of the Americas, and went into Rockefeller Center for a quick lunch at Cucina and Co. Panini’s and fruit curved our hunger, and then took the narrowest escalator we’d ever seen back to street level and to The Nintendo World Store-NYC–one of only two stores in the world. The other one, is of course, in Japan.
American Girl Margot
We emerged an hour later with Mario and Wario t-shirts and headed over to American Girl–J’s choice.
She saved her allowance and consigned some outgrown clothing and toys to raise the $100 she needed to get a “look a like, “18” doll of her choice. We are happy to welcome little Margot in to our family…our day continued with subway trips, playground time at Central Park and dinner in Little Italy.
Next we strolled along Fifth Avenue and window shopped the trendy boutiques–Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, Tiffany and Co. –until we arrived at the most magical place in NYC–Central Park.
Central Park
It’s hard to believe there’s 843 acres of forest in the middle of all that concrete and skyscraper chaos. Central Park was breathtaking and my favorite part of our day. The kids ran, jumped, climbed and played and Big E and I relaxed and took in the beauty around us. When everyone was tired out and hungry, from hiking the urban forest, we emerged on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to rows of beautiful brownstones on Park Avenue. Another favorite part for me–I once daydreamed about myself as a magazine editor living in a brownstone in a trendy area like SOHO or Greenwich Village.
A quick subway jaunt on the 6 and we arrived at Spring Street in the borough of Little Italy.
Little Italy was delicious and authentic. We didn’t want to eat at a cozy, candlelit place since we had the kids along so we picked a pizzeria–sat down at a table, street side and enjoyed the pizza and the view. I had a Brisa (roasted red peppers, mushrooms and tomato pizza) Big E had a pepperoni pizza and the kids ate spaghetti with marinara sauce.
Briso Pizza
Afterwards we walked along Mulberry Street and looked in the many shops before settling into La Bella Ferrera Bakery for dessert. The kids and Big E had gelato and I had tiramasu and some world-famous cannolis to go. Little Italy was a unique experience and we all loved it.
One last ride on the 6 and then the 5 took us back to the Staten Island Ferry terminal. Our day was topped off with one last breathtaking view of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty sparkling in a million lights along with the cool breeze and salt water smells. Truly one of those moments that takes your breath away.
The best Mother’s Day gift ever…a fun-filled exciting day in the big city. The kids left NYC wanting more, more, more. J & W are already planning our next trip back to our new favorite city–I heart NYC!

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