Chocolate in Hershey and Cannons in Valley Forge

Summer 2009 has been one of our more memorable summers. We’ve enjoyed adventure after adventure along the East coast.
Our long weekend started with a trip to Hershey Chocolate World in Hershey, PA where we rode on a chocolate scented ride to learn how chocolate is made from the cocoa bean to the bar. We saw the world’s largest chocolate bar and sampled the new Kiss melts. The kids worked the Hershey Kiss line and filled a souvenir tool box with a mix of all the candy bars made at the factory. Hershey is a quick jont up the road so we’ll be back to learn more about how Milton Hershey took chocolate once a delicacy and made it available to everyone.
Hershey, PA
On Saturday we went 45 minutes in the other direction and visited a historic Revolutionary site. Valley Forge is a 3600-acre beautiful park nestled on a hilltop next to Philadelphia. The park boast a ten mile loop that is either drivable or if you’re in tip-top shape you can bike it. Our visit was a damp one with rain showers on and off. We visited the main encampment area, George Washington’s Memorial Chapel and General Washington’s Headquarters. The chapel still has an active Episcopal congregation and mass was beginning while we were there. The architecture of the church was beautiful.
Valley Forge Aug 2009 050Valley Forge Aug 2009 024Valley Forge Aug 2009 083
General Washington’s Home at Valley Forge
The general’s quarters resembled most of the Pennslyvania stone homes during late 1700’s. While there we saw deer roaming around and visited the three bedroom home that still houses the general’s military trunk. It was interesting to see where the Continental Army made camp during the winter of 1777 keeping a close eye on the British who camped in nearby Philadelphia. Our state is a collection of American History and we are enjoying our adventures navigating it with the kids. Next stop the Freedom Trail in Boston.

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