Fleas and Waterfalls

We went on a little one of our adventures over the weekend. We wanted to celebrate 11 years of marriage and entertain the kids.

We started at the Pocono Bazaar which is a glorified flea market with temporary vendors outside and permanent vendors indoors. There’s a huge video game booth indoors…the reason we went! We strolled along and looked at all the junk. W bought a new pretend assault rifle, J a pink bandanna for camping and I picked up a plastic ring that reminded me of the Murano glass ring I bought in Venice. It broke before we left Italy and I’ve always wanted another one. Good thing this one is less fragile.

Pocono Bazaar

Afterwards, we headed to Buttermilk Falls to try geocaching. Our first time out was a bit of a disappointment…it was really difficult and we never found the cache. Of course we were using our car GPS on pedestrian mode instead of a hand held. It was still an adventure to walk around and explore the falls and hop from rock to rock to cross the stream as we searched the area. We came within 100 ft of the cache, but never stumbled on it. After our search we enjoyed a picnic lunch next to the base of the falls and the pond. J & W walked in the water and searched for interesting rocks. J’s new thing is finding slate and other neat rocks.

Buttermilk Falls

We concluded our day with a stop in Easton, PA and walked around the downtown area. Also, home to the Crayola Factory.  We indulged in some yummy ice cream from The Purple Cow Creamery and then walked through a few of the art shops. I especially enjoyed the Just Around the Corner Shop and found the photographs  printed on metallic paper beautiful…very unusual and worth trying one day.

Easton, PA
Crayola factory

Pennslyvania has some really beautiful off the beaten path areas and we are making our way around to most of them…on the east side anyway.

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