Apples, Planes and Foliage

Fall foliage at its best….in Connecticut of course.  The air was crisp and leaves golden when we headed on our day trip up to one of the smallest states in the U.S.

We started our day picking apples at a local farm in the area which was also a tobacco farm.  We picked a variety of apples: Cortland, Gala, Empire, Liberty, Golds and a very sour green variety.  Afterwards we stopped off at one of the many red barns and saw the tobacco leaves drying.

Our next stop was the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks. We explored the vast airplane display, learned about parachutes and gliders, sat in a P-47 Mustang, and saw a real B-29.


Next we hit the back roads of CT and finished off a perfect day in Kent.  We visited Kent Falls National Park and then had dinner in town at Doc’s.  It was a memorable beautiful weekend spent exploring Connecticut.

Kent Falls

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