Lancaster County

We day tripped or fell into a time machine, I’m not sure which, to Lancaster County in May and found lots to see especially things you might not see everyday.  The drive there through the beautiful back roads of Pennsylvania was part of the adventure.  As we got closer to Lancaster we started to see buggies, Amish children working the fields and the signs of a much slower way of life.

Amish Buggy
 We stopped in Intercourse and visited a handmade wooden furniture store and then made pretzels at the Intercourse Pretzel factory.  Next we journeyed to Bird-In-Hand for a picnic lunch and people watching.  We shopped at one of the many roadside farms for homemade root beer, whoopie pies and kettle chips.  The root beer had an unusual after taste, but it came in an old-fashion glass jug.  Sitting at a picnic table on the side of the road watching buggies go by and children run errands on their giant scooter-like bikes with milk baskets was a step back into the past.  If you don’t believe me just check out these pictures…
homemade pretzels

IMG_6500 IMG_6508IMG_6532

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