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Auf Wiedersehen

Wow the day has arrived we are moving our family to Germany.  It’s been a long three months preparing for this day.  Ernie deployed to Ramstein Air Base in July and pursued this opportunity while there.  We starting preparing for the possibility of a move, but were not absolutely sure until the end of September….but have been busy every day since 24 September.

Our stuff is en route via plane or boat and we leave today on a jet plane from Philadelphia to Frankfurt.  Kids, dog and cat, oh and me.  Ernie has a furnished house awaiting our arrival and my most favorite thing about it is it has a washer and dryer (I know how lame).  We leave today 28 October and land 29 October at 05:15 which will be 23:00 eastern time (October 28).  We are gonna be tired, but so happy to be in Germany.

OK this post is fairly boring so please expect a lot more interesting tid bits along with pictures in the future….well as the Germans say…Auf Wiedersehen,or “until we see you again”!

On a quick note we would like to give a shout out to all of our amazing friends back in Cbus.  You’re the best and without you we would have been lost and super stressed.  Also, thanks to Nana, and Mimi and Papi for your love and support as we take off across the Atlantic Ocean.

Our address is:

PSC 2 Box 11256

APO, AE, 09012

Please send mail especially Christmas cards.  I love Christmas cards.  A normal US stamp will work.

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