Tanks and Chocolate

The boys headed to Luxembourg first to a WW II military museum and learned even more about Will’s favorite historical moment from WWII….The Battle of the Bulge.

IMG_20151107_161543_015{the square at Bastogne}

First stop the cemetery where General Patton and five members of Easy Company are buried.  Then off to where it all happened.


William said it was amazing to see all the places the US soldiers fought during this important battle especially the site where Easy Company first went on to the front line on December 20, 1944.

IMG_20151107_150936_205 {barracks at Bastogne}

His favorite experience from the day was seeing Easy Company’s fox holes.  They also toured the town of Bastogne and the barracks.  Another highlight of the day was a visit to where the German soldiers pinned the US soldiers down until the American 3rd Army cut a hole through the German lines, famously know as the “NUTS” cave, where General McAuliffe was almost captured.

IMG_20151107_153246_062{in the “Nuts Cave}

They walked around this famous town for a few hours and looked at the shops and museums, sampled Belgium chocolate and ate dinner at an Italian restaurant where Will got to practice his French.  Will enjoyed pasta alla Carbonara, his new favorite.


Will enjoyed having his photo taken with as many Sherman tanks as he could find…

IMG_20151107_141841_547 IMG_20151107_110714_582 IMG_20151107_142447_453 IMG_20151107_142907_392

one more on the bus back to Germany….this USO sponsored tour was a success the boys had a blast….


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