Twenty Days in Germany

We arrived about 20 days ago and in that time we’ve met and overcome many obstacles….navigating our new life in Europe hasn’t been easy, but we are figuring it out.  We are also looking forward to being settled in with our stuff and of course traveling….

We’ve managed to check a lot of things off of our to do list….

  • kids are enrolled and attending school (thank goodness)  Go Ktown Raiders!!
  • Passed driver’s license exam and currently driving without any issues navigating the many roundabouts, remembering to yield to the right of way, driving at least 70-130 km where posted and only 30-50 km on base and in the villages.  I love it here, how everyone respects the left passing lane and gets right over after passing on the autobahn.
  • Successfully using as much German as possible….danke, hallo, bitte shen, tschub, danke shen, einz, guten morgen, guten tag etc…..
  • Rolladen (zombie shutters), German windows I love them and so does Cleo.
  • I can get from our village to the kids school, Ernie’s office, Landstuhl, KMCC (mall on base), library, community center, gas station and commissary.  Still working on driving to Josie’s field hockey practice without the GPS.
  • I can add minutes to my prepaid La Barra phone card.  I’ve also figured out how to not use all the minutes up within two-three days.  Don’t use the GPS!!!

Things I’ve found interesting or I’m still trying to figure out about Germany:

  • shopping every other day since the refrigerator is tiny
  • using the German land line phone (and figuring out what numbers to use) for example my phone number is 015146804628 (where do you put the hyphens?!)
  • Sticking your head out of the window at your home to make a phone call (yes I finally joined in and did this today) better reception on a mobile phone.
  • candy, lighters and pens in every office you visit.
  • using the time card for parking
  • Using the Esso card for gas (still haven’t had to do this so Ernie gets the gas)
  • Yielding to right of way at every intersection (no stop signs or stop lights here)
  • German wash machines and dyers. According to google translate I washed our clothes on the sexy underwear setting yesterday and it takes about 2 hours to dry clothes in the condensing dryers.
  • Finding an adapter that is available so I can plug in my cell phone….transformers don’t even get me started on those things.
  • Realizing that I cannot access some of my favorite websites here….Pandora, I heart Radio, Hulu or netflix.
  • 44 German TV channels (I watched Harry Potter in German last night)
  • Our APO box at the post office….its has a combination lock on it and I cannot get it open.
  • hmmm happy to be living in Europe!!!

Now I’m focusing on planning our travel for the next couple of months…

{local trails around our village, Will pretending to fire at me, local really old landmark and the local soccer club playing on Sunday}

We will be spending Thanksgiving dinner at the Officer’s Club and then we are heading to Rothenburg for the night.  Black Friday will be amazing….our first ever Christmas Market.

More later!

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