Ninety days in Germany

As I reflect back on to my posts from Twenty Days in Germany I have to laugh at a few things….


First, I did not know how to spell most of what I was saying in German and I probably wasn’t saying any of it correctly either. Also, I’ve managed to open our APO mail box on an almost daily basis now.

So after 90 days-

Roundabouts are a breeze

Recycling!! Especially the plastic bottles at the store

Getting around without the GPS

I’m volunteering at the USO

Kids are settled into school and their new life

Will orders eins brezel at the bakery all by himself with correct German words

I can use the train in London, Paris and Germany

Transformers aren’t really that scary, unless of course we’re talking about Megatron

I have an Esso card now and have to get my own gas…;/

I’ve figured out dotted lines at intersections mean right of way is in effect

I’m washing and drying clothes like a pro and teaching the family too

But, most importantly I’m taking German lessons I’m in my second week so here it goes….

Ich Heisse Sie?

Meine Hiesse Jodi

Wie Geht’s?

Danke, gut!

Wo ist der Banhhof?

Der, Die, Das and Die (plural)

Keine, Seine, Deine, Meine, Ihr, Ein, Eine

Wieviel ist?

Tschuß, Bitte, danke, Schönen Tag, Schönes Wechenende, Bis Später

Vater, Mutter, Tochter, Sohn, Kind, Kinder, Konig

Winter, Sommer, Fruhling, Herbst

Sonne, Hunde, Katze, Biene, Spinner,

Essen, lehren, habe, fahren, kommen,bringen

Milch, Käse, Brot, Brezel, Fleisch, Heisse Schocolade

Okay, well things are going well for us and we are looking forward to some upcoming trips. Still deciding on our destination for Spring Break! Greece or Italy, maybe both.


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