Rodenbach in Rheinland-Pfalz

Rodenbach our home in Germany is a village established way back in 1300. We live on Amsel Strauße which is the name of a black bird.  We live in the center of town so we enjoy the conveniences of nearby walking trails and there are kilometers of them here.  Nordic walking is a favorite past time for Germans and most people have dogs.  Germans, young and old, walk every where even in the rain and snow.  Another reason I love Germany smart, healthy people. So I fit in really nicely here since I walk every where too- even in the rain! Just wanted to share some interesting things about where we live…

W_rodenbach_kltown Symbol20151203_163902_001Amsel Strauße 2

Speaking of walking every where-we walk to the bakeri several times a week for a treat or a loaf of bread.  Our Wilhem is known there by first name.  He goes there (alone)children in Germany are given a lot of freedom to adventure about the villages (just ask Wilhem about the time he climbed out of his window to go to the bakeri).  He orders his eins brezel laugan in German of course.


Prince’s Grave and Schmitt Bakeri

Most villages have a bakeri and a doner house-ours has both.  We also have a delicious Turkish Bistro and cafe, a hotel where we lived for about a month, flower shop, a swimming pool, parks, playgrounds and of course a fussball field.  Every Sunday the local fußall team plays another local village.  Every sports complex also has a bar and restaurant.


I’ve walked many, many kilometers around our village and in the surrounding forest so I’ve managed to take a lot of pretty cool pictures…one of our favorite trails is along the route where the “Prince’s Grave” lies.  Dating back to 1534.


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