We day tripped south to the northern edge of the Black Forest and indulged in the spas of Baden-Baden-translated to Spa-Spa. We visited one of many spas located in the town where Germans go for the ultimate in R&R. However, the Romans were the first to relax in the thermal mineral waters that rise from 2,000 meters below the surface. Since we decided to bring the kids along we opted for the public baths which is actually more like an indoor swimming pool for families.


View of the outdoor baths {CARACALLA SPA}

We visited the baths in February so the weather was cool and the water was warm. The special minerals and jetted areas made this a very relaxing visit. Most of the pools were warm and had graduated entrances so you could ease into the pools. There are also ice cold pools. Will and I were the only two brave enough to take in the ice baths. The idea is to go from hot to cold and vice versa. Good for the muscles.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor pools. Especially the built-in lounging chairs with special jets to massage all your muscles. The visits are timed and we paid for two hours. Definitely enough time we were all ready to go and everyone was hungry.

After dressing and meeting in the lobby for a drink of the healing water we were ready to head out and explore the town of Baden-Baden.


The town is quaint with cobblestone paths and rich architecture around every corner. We found a sandwich shop and indulged in some delicious delicatessen fare. Then we set off to find some dessert. We happened upon a swanky place where the dessert was served much like high tea with lots of class. The place just happened to be called Café König, like the name everyone who dines here feels like royalty. The desserts were delicious and next door was the Confiserie Gmeiner, one of the most renowned confectionery companies in Europe. They’ve been making sweets for over 100 years. Josie loved the different desserts.

With our bellies full of delectable treats, kaffee and heiße schokolade we strolled through the rest of town. The buildings were stunning and the air was crisp a perfect day for an urban hike.



The oldest & most famous spa FRIEDRICHSBAD – THE ROMAN-IRISH BATH is an experience for couples and we will go back someday. Our visit through this magical town deep in the Black Forest was a highlight of living in Germany.

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