Liebesleben {Carcamo Update}

{My daily walking path}

Liebesleben or love life. We are thankful for the many, many experiences, people and things we have in life. Most people are struggling over something in life. I’ve been following the refugee crisis in Europe and I am so sad for them. They had to leave their homes and lives in order to stay alive or to keep their families safe. Now they live on gym floors or in tents outside of towns and villages. Whenever I think I’m having a bad day I remember it can always be far worse.

As we continue to find our way here in this new life things are starting to feel more like home and we are starting to meet some very nice people and our adventures become more grand. I’m already starting to think about how sad I will feel to leave this place behind. There are lots of things I’m going to miss.

The kids are enjoying so many unforgettable experiences. Josie is excelling in her art classes and draws and paints all the time. She’s starting field season with her German hockey team (1.FCK) and is really starting to feel like a part of their team. The girls are always excited to see Josie at practice. She got her uniform last week and their first tournament is in April in Bavaria. She’s got all A’s in school and enjoys her group of friends who are quite different from her. She told me yesterday that her friend Julia doesn’t know what Jamba Juice or Sonic are because she’s only lived in Japan, Italy and now Germany. Josie always comes home with cute stories about school or her friends. She also started wearing contacts this week. She came to us and asked to try them and she was definitely ready, she’s had no issues at all with them and is looking forward to playing hockey without glasses. Next up for Josie is the KCOM (Kaiserslautern Comin Con) she is cosplaying her favorite character Reese from her favorite show RBWY.

Our William has struggled the most with this move he was excited to move to Germany, but the transition has been difficult. He’s making friends now and feeling a lot better. He loves his scout troop and is going to have so many interesting stories to share. He’s looking forward to Inter Camp in May. He’ll be in the Czech Republic for four days with hundreds of boy and girl scouts from all over Europe. He also returns to Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland this summer for summer camp. He’ll spend six days in Switzerland surrounded by the Alps, swimming and hiking. He’s finishing up basketball season and wants to try fencing next. He can join a German fencing group and learn the sport. At school he’s excelling as well with all A’s and has joined the Robotics Club. Next up for William is Merit Badge University where he will work on four Eagle Scout required merit badges: swimming, cooking, first aid and safety. By the end of the weekend he will earn the rank of First Class Scout.

Ich bin lerne Deutsch und Ich liebe es! I start German II on 21 March and will continue my German studies another eight weeks. I am also meeting with another group The German-American Kaiserslautern International Womens Group for German conversation club. We meet in the cafe at Ikea twice monthly it’s fun to try my German with equally nervous Germans practicing their English. I’ve also joined the planning committee for the Ramstein AB Bazaar. It’s the largest Officer’s Spouses Club fundraiser in the entire Air Force. The bazaar is in September and encompasses a week long shopping extravaganza with vendors from all over Europe. The slogan for the event is “The World at your Doorstep.” I’m on the communications team and will help with social media and marketing. Last year the bazaar grossed 1.74 million dollars and because of this the Ramstein Officer Spouses Club (ROSC) awards over $100,000 a year toward college scholarships. The committee meets monthly and gets to know each other quite well, so I’m looking forward to making some lasting friendships and great memories too.

Ernie loves the Air Force so much and is happy to be back at it not sure why we left in the first place. He pinned on Major in December after his seven year break in service so he’s one of the older Majors in the office, but he’s just happy to be back. He’s in Norway for the next 10 days. Now that he’s back I’m certain he won’t be able to leave so he’s already looking for full-time ANG positions back in the states for when we return. In Ohio is my only request. Ernie is an assistant Scoutmaster with Will’s troop so he’s enjoying the trips and is looking forward to Inter Camp as well.

Spring is around the corner here in Germany. Flowers are blooming everywhere and we are really looking forward to our next couple of trips. Lots of Ostermarkts and beautifully decorated eggs. We’re heading to Garmisch in March for Josie’s 15th and Venice and the Eagle’s Nest for Spring Break in April. Prague and Normandy in May and then our first visitors will arrive in June. Our besties Jason and Elizabeth Naber are coming to visit with their two boys. We are very excited to share Deutschland with them & lots of wein, of course.


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