Our family headed South to the state of Bavaria for Josie’s birthday weekend. When you think of Germany Bayern is what comes to mind dirndls, lederhosen, cow bells, homes with big wooden balconies, and the Alps.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen did not disappoint.

On the way we passed through a bit of Austria as well lots of snow covered mountains with villages tucked in and around….


We stayed at the military owned property called Edelweiss. Only military families stationed in Europe can stay here. The resort has everything you might need to enjoy a winter or summer vacation. We went at the end of winter and took part in their winter activities. The kids and I went snowboarding at the Hausberg Mountain and we also took a Edelweiss sponsored tour of the Partenkirchen Gorge. The kids loved the night time tour complete with torches and dessert at the local Gästhouse.

On Sunday Ernie and I hung out at the local mountaintop German restaurant while the kids took to the mountain. The food was delicious and the atmosphere totally authentic. We enjoyed large pretzels with sweet mustard, goulash and Kase spaetzle.

On the way home we stopped at a castle in Austria that had a suspension bridge. We will have to go back and check this out soon…

The 1,329 feet-long suspension bridge, Highline179, opens on Saturday in the Tyrol region of Austria

{Castle Ehrenberg with Roman fortress Claudia in Reutte in the Tyrol region of Austria}

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