Austrian-Italian Spring Break

Living in Germany and driving in Europe has its benefits….

This year for spring break our travels took us from Germany then to Austria and finally to Venice. We drove the first day to Innsbruck and stayed just off of the town center at Pension Friendl. We arrived late, but they left our key outside in the flower pot. Staying in the local B and B’s and Pensions gives you a clean, comfortable and affordable stay and usually includes a huge Bavarian-style breakfast spread of aufschnitts, käse, brot und joghurts and fresh fruits. After breakfast we drove the 10 minutes into the center of town and walked along the Inn River and through the town marktplatz. We didn’t have much time so we saw what we could and then continued on our way to our final destination, Venice.

A few pictures of Innsbruck….

We headed out of Innsbruck towards Italy around noon and just as we passed over the border through Brenner Pass we came upon a fortress and had to stop (benefit of having a car)….the fortress was once a part of Austria and Hitler hid some of his gold and treasures in the fortress. Italian troops occupied the fortress up until the 1990’s.

We stopped around the bend for lunch at Lanz in the Alto Adigo region amongst the many vineyards. The food was delicious at the cute market with a deli counter and wine selection. Then we drove four hours or so through the magnificent Dolomites Mountain Range. Lots of twists and turns and beautiful views of Alpine Lakes. There was still snow on the ground in many of the areas that we drove through…

After our scenic drive through the Dolomites we arrived at the train station in Sacile. We parked our car there for free and took the 60 minute train ride into Venice. It was a car, train and then boat kind of day.

“I will never forget the look on our kids face as they walked out of the train station and down the steps to the canal. ”

Once in Venice we booked 48 hour passes on the local boat transport called the Vaparetto. The kids loved that we had to take a boat everywhere we went. Meeting their cousins and Aunt and Uncle for the first time was also a special moment. The cousins got along very well and there were some tears shed when we left.

{Day One in Venice…rainy}

{Day 2 in Venice and Murano Island…beautiful and sunny}

Our visit to Venice was relaxing and beautiful. We enjoyed Leda and Ivan’s hospitality and hometown tour of Venice. Their home on Guidecca is a Mediterranean paradise. They cooked fresh fish and octopus from the fish market and we also enjoyed fresh spargel which is a popular dish in Germany in the spring.

Next post will be all about our stop in Salzburg on the way home….

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