{Boys to Normandy…Girls to Poland}

Memorial day weekend took our family on two separate adventures…

The boys to Normandy to experience WWII history while the girls ventured the opposite direction in search of beautifully, patterned pottery in Poland.

Ernie and Will spent the weekend visiting sights where thousands of ally troops lost their lives in support of the freedom we enjoy today. The boys reflected back in time to one of World War II’s most poignant moments and visited the sites of June 6, 1944 – the “D-Day” invasion. They visited the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel, the landing beaches & Utah Beach, St Mère Eglise and the Airborne Museum. Another highlight was a visit to the memorial sites and walking along the beaches where the heaviest D-Day casualties incurred. Last, but certainly not least was their visit to the American National Cemetery at Omaha Beach. Enactments in honor of the 72nd anniversary of D-Day were also happening so they were able to see the french soldiers dressed as the 101st Airborne Infantry. Meanwhile on the other side of Europe the girls were taking in some Polish culture.

The Polish country side is just as breathtaking as Germany. The Polish pottery shops had us circumnavigating the city of Boleslawiec. There are about 11 stores to visit, but we found that we liked the pottery best at Andy’s and Henry’s. Although, Josie did pick up a cup and saucer at Ceramika Artystyczna. I purchased dinner plates, bowls, serving pieces and odds and ends to get my collection started. We also stopped off at the Borowski Glass Studio and got to see the artisan blowing glass for their shops that are located all over the world. The glass factory is located on a farm on the outskirts of Boleslaweic near Andy’s Polish Pottery shop. Here’s a link to their website Borowski Glass .

After lunch at an Italian place called Pizzatomato we were recharged and ready for more shopping. It was a full day and we were able to see all the shops and choose the pottery patterns we liked the best. Our friend, Lelani came along for the adventure too. Later that evening we had dinner at an authentic Polish restaurant called Opalkowa Chata where we enjoyed pierogies and the delicious salad bar. The bread basket was good as well, the bread came with a spread made from lard and bacon. The only disappointment was our soda was warm and ice was not available. When in Europe…

The currency in Poland is the Zloty which at the time was worth about a quarter, so the dollar went a long way in Poland and the Euro even further.


Our weekend was memorable on both sides of the continent…sharing our love of travel and new cultures with our children has been the best part of our year abroad. We are forever changed, more tolerant of others, and best of all relaxed outside of our own comfort zone.

On a side note, the girls had a little car trouble on the way home. I’ll be post all about this at a later time with information on how to use the SOS boxes along the Autobahn. Also, the importance of having a membership with ADAC while living overseas in Germany.

Here’s a teaser pic….


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