{Rüdesheim} a jewel on the Rhein

Rüdesheim is a picturesque old town which lies at the foot of the Niederwald on the Rhine‘s right bank in the Rheingau wine region. My mom and I ventured there on a beautiful June day.  We set out on an afternoon of adventure that included traveling at high speeds on the autobahn, crossing the Rhein on a car ferry and floating to the top of the vineyard by Rüdesheimer Seilbahngesellschaft or cable car.

20160610_112341Car Ferry

This is a simple day trip from Ramstein AB and a popular destination for travelers.  With the Rhein River flowing next to town there are always tourist visiting via train and river cruise liner.

We started out with a stroll up Drosselgasse, a lane in the heart of Rüdesheim’s Old Town.  The lane is a 144 metre-long narrow cobblestone pedestrian street. It was specifically built in the 15th century for boat owners to move items from the river to homes in the town.  On this summer afternoon the street was filled music from brass instruments flowing from the many wine and open-air garden taverns.  The lane also offers many gift & souvenir shops. Don’t miss the Käthe Wohlfahrt  Christmas shop.  We picked up a few cute items from the store.  I especially love the Night’s Watchman figurine mom bought me to remember the day.

20160610_121452 20160610_115151_00120160610_120614

Once at the top of the Drosselgasse we hopped on the cable car and navigated our way to the top of the vineyards.  On this sunny day the views of the vineyard and Rhein River were breathtaking.  The cable car provided the perfect vantage point to take in the marvelous German countryside. Once at the top we strolled along the hiking trails and took in views from the Niederwalddenkmal, the monument was constructed to commemorate the founding of the German Empire in 1871, after the end of the Franco-Prussian War. The first stone was laid on 16 September 1871, by Kaiser Wilhelm I (William I). The sculptor was Johannes Schilling, and the architect was Karl Weißbach. The monument was inaugurated on 28 September 1883. The 38 metres (125 ft) tall monument represents the union of all Germans. The countryside is also home to a few schlosses, Ehrenfels Castle and Brömserburg which you can hike over and visit.

20160610_131357_001 Niederwalddenkmal

This round trip worked up an appetite so we relaxed and quenched our hunger and thirst at Restaurant Cafe Stadt Frankfurt with a delightful lunch of Jägerschnitzel, spargle and weinschorles (Reisling mixed with sparkling water).

20160610_122305Restaurant Cafe Stadt Frankfurt 

The little town has a lot to offer but can be visited in just one day.  Make sure to visit a wein shop to sample the delicious white wines the region is so well known for and also taste their famous Rüdesheimer Kaffee.

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