Our European Summer

The Summer of 2016 was memorable.

Our family traveled all over the place and saw many amazing places, met some very cool people and shared our German home with friends and family.

Berlin, Rome, Mainau Island {Constance Lake}, Switzerland, Strasbourg, Château du Haut Kœnigsbourg, Bitche, France,Burg Eltz, Reims & E’pernay, France, Annweiler, Trier and Rudesheim, Bacharach and St. Goar on the Rhein River.

What a list!  My personal favorite was Berlin.  What a beautiful, clean city with an dark & interesting past.  We really enjoyed the Victory Column and the view from it and the monument to the Jews killed during WWII.  The German History museum is full of cool artifacts and a very cool photography exhibit.  We also ate and drank our way through the city…currywurst, waldmeister beir, doner boxes and the Carcamo kids continued their quest to try as many Fanta varieties as possible.

Our friends and family were able to experience the beautiful country we were so lucky to call our home.  When we weren’t out traipsing across Europe our every day life was very cool too.  Trips to the local schwimmbad, rope courses, Wildpark Potzberg and gelato and the bakerie around the corner.  The walking paths around our village kept us busy most days.  I will always cherish the time spent as a family in this beautiful place.

20160623_123400 Berlin Den Deutsch Volke

Rome {Elderflower Limon Fanta}

IMG_3295 Mainau Island

Strasbourg & Château du Haut Kœnigsbourg


IMG_2900Burg Eltz


Annweiler {Renaissance Festival}


Rudesheim, Bacharach and St. Goar

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