Back to the US of A

All great things always come to an end.  Luckily we have our memories, photos and experiences to look back upon.

13895364_10209414325171260_6018646392604161222_n {the bucket list}

After a memorable summer in Europe, the kids and I headed back to Ohio via Fairfax, VA.   Ernie stayed on in Germany to complete his one year assignment at Ramstein AB. We wanted to get the kids back to Ohio for the beginning of their 7th and 10th grade school year.

It was a hectic few weeks getting everyone and everything packed, and making sure our furry kids were ready to go. We managed to tie up most of the loose ends, visit a few last minute places and say good bye to people who made this one year assignment an amazing experience.

We departed Germany through Frankfurt International on Lufthansa Airlines.  We had a nice uneventful eight hour direct flight to Dulles Airport where Ernie’s mom was waiting for us, with open arms.

We deplaned and made our way through customs.  Cleo and Theo were unloaded from beneath the part of the plane where we traveled.  Seeing them and knowing they were alright was nice.  Theo’s getting older so I worry about traveling with him OCONUS.  He’s a pro and a world traveling dog, so is our cat they’ve been to so many places!

After a few days of relaxation in Virginia we drove to Ohio to pick up where we left off.  Lots of great things to look forward to and lots of challenges too!

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