Our Military Brats

Ernie was deployed all summer and I kept the kids busy. Both benefited from an amazing organization called Military Kids. They each received a grant to continue their favorite activity while their dad was away. Josie used her grant to play spring field hockey and Will took rock climbing classes at Vertical Adventures. The generosity didn’t stop there each of them also attended a summer camp especially designed for military brats.

Josie had to write an essay and apply for her week long camp in Georgia. She attended a military leadership camp hosted by the University of Georgia and 4-H. She spent a week team building, hiking, ziplining, swimming and learning about leadership. The final night culminated with a recognition ceremony and she was also coined.

Josie packed and ready to fly to Atlanta

William spent a week in August on Lake Erie at Kelly’s Island swimming, meeting other military kids, and watching a military demonstration with a Black Hawk helicopter at a military sponsored camp funded by Ohio Military Kids (OMK).

Will getting ready to board the ferry to Kelly's Island.
Will getting ready to board the ferry to King’s Island

Our children are resilient and have met and overcome many challenges in their young lives. Ernie and I believe these opportunities have made them kind, wonderful and adventurous people.

My favorite…

April is the month of the military child

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