Our European Life

When someone discovers we lived in Germany they always have a lot of questions about what is was like to live there, rather than just visit.  My answer is always the same it was amazing, now we had some ups and downs and challenges, but overall we had the experience of a lifetime.  Our children were exposed to so many different cultures and the entire experience was something that changed theirs and our lives forever.  Our oldest even decided she wants to serve because she learned firsthand how inclusive and friendly the military environment truly is from the inside.

Here’s our year in Europe through pictures with a {few words}

First weekend in Germany…

Germany in the fall!

For our first adventure we took the kids to Rothenburg o.b. Tauber.  It’s a really touristy place but a must see on a Germany bucket list.  I recommend at least one visit and spend the night, you will love it.  Take the Night Watchman’s tour around town you will learn so much.


{Our hotel is just up the way on the right}

Now we didn’t travel every weekend, we lived a normal life there too, which was the best part of living abroad.  Grocery shopping, hiking around our village, speaking to our neighbors and driving on the autobahn.  We got to see the German culture up close and personal.  The kids went to Department of Defense schools with other military kids and a few German kids too.  Josie played field hockey on a German team with girls her age and Will participated in boy scouts through Boy Scouts of America, but traveled all over Europe with Troop 12.

Josie became an award winning artist and William got to know the bakerei ladies by first name.  I also volunteered at the USO and of course planned all of our grand adventures.

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Oh, the adventures they were grand, we took our children to…

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The food, did I mention the food?!

Summer of 2016 was busy we shared our German home with friends and family.

We celebrated birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and milestones too.

The most important aspect of living abroad was showing our children other cultures and teaching them the importance of tolerance and inclusion.

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