I’ve been a mom for almost 18 years and I wanted to quit yesterday.  Over the almost two decades of parenting we have had our struggles, deployments, potty training, fights, temper tantrums, and I have always found a way to “fix,” everything.

But…sometimes it works better when you change what you’re doing.

I discovered I need to stop griping, begging, compromising, threatening and wishing for our kids to change. They have to, at some point, take ownership of their own lives and do things because they know they need to rather than because we want them too.

After my brief R&R at the nail salon and dinner alone I came to this ingenious idea. It will take a while for them to buy into the new dynamic in our household, but the lessons they learn will last their entire lives.

To be a good parent sometimes you have to step back and let life happen and not fix everything. Our kids are great and we love them and that is why we can step back and watch them continue their journey with a little less support. As parents we will be there for them but we will no longer rescue them from the lessons often learned from hardship.


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