College Adventure

OH-IO- Since moving to central Ohio we’ve heard this often, but today it took on a more profound meaning for our family, especially our daughter.

On March 2nd, Josephine committed to The Ohio State University School of Engineering. The day was filled with motivational speeches, grand tours and thought-provoking discussions which ultimately led to Josephine telling us, I want to commit and I want to do it today.

Officially committing to OSU

Our day started early and will be a day I will remember for a very long time. We arrived at The Union and once we were settled into our seats we were split up into smaller groups and assigned a student ambassador. Ours was Dylan a senior from Springfield, Oh studying Public Policy, Philosophy and Economics. He gave us an informative, and humorous look at the campus and shared tid-bits about the university we had not heard before, for example, Michael Phelps qualified for the Olympics in the OSU pool. Both of our kids have taken diving lessons in this pool.

We walked around Mirror Lake and to the main Library where over 1.4 million books live and learned about the quirky, names the marketing department has given to the school cafe options, which are everywhere. The cafe in the library is called The Berry Cafe. We walked down the Wellness Path towards the football stadium. The fitness centers are numerous and keeping their students’ minds healthy as much as their mental health is a very important aspect on this beautiful campus. There are five recreational facilities and seven pools. To no surprise it’s ranked #5 for best rec facility among public colleges.

We had several break out sessions with the engineering school. The panel of students explained how important diversity is to the school. We listened to five students all from different backgrounds talk about the opportunities they’ve had and how it’s easy to make the largest school in the nation, feel like a small community and even home.

We ate lunch at Slurpies (a sit down restaurant that serves up delicious breakfast food with a greasy spoon feel) with other females visiting the campus. The two students assigned to our table were able to give a unique perspective about what it’s like to be a female in the engineering program. Josie learned about the women in engineering learning community. The community is one of many ways to find your place. The members live together in one of the new dormitories called Torres House. This among many other things is one of the perks I feel helped her make her decision.

Lunch with engineering students

We ended our day with Josephine signing and taking her picture with a backdrop of the Oval, which is the park-like setting in the center of campus where students hang out in warmer weather. We picked up some swag at the bookstore and then walked to the engineering and ROTC buildings which are just a few blocks from each other on North campus. Torres House is also a few blocks from there as well.

Josephine has found her home and we are thrilled with her choice to become a Buckeye. She will be close to home, but she will discover herself on this amazing campus full of experiences waiting to shape her into an amazing woman.

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