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Chopsticks and Vistas

We took an Uber from the San Jose airport to San Francisco and our hotel, the Hilton in Union Square. Fog, or what I thought might have been smoke from a forest fire sat along a ridge of mountains. It was the 4th of July so I wasn’t sure.

Once we arrived and checked in we spent time enjoying the view from our 31st floor hotel room. It was a breathtaking view even with the fog building off in the distance.

July 4, 2019 31st floor skyline view from Hilton Union Square

We ventured out in the afternoon to Union Square and then walked up Nob Hill to Chinatown. We spent a little time in the gift shops picking up a few souvenirs then enjoyed some Chinese food I had the Dim Sum and Ernie had General Tso’s chicken, some of the best we have ever tasted. Afterwards, we followed an alley way filled with murals and turned the corner and found the City Lights Bookstore known as our nations only Literary Landmark and its beatniks,the Beats’ legacy of anti-authoritarian politics and insurgent thinking continues to be a strong influence in the store, most evident in the selection of titles located in the Jackson Square area.

We made our way back down to Lombard Street, as we headed down the steep up and down hills of San Francisco. Every peak with an amazing view of far off destinations. The city is truly unique in this aspect as you just never know what you might see around any turn. Lombard was crowded with the holiday but we made the climb to say we did it.

The best part of our day was our stroll back to our hotel along a tree lined quaint street called Hyde Street we stopped for ice cream at Swenson’s another must-see spot while in the City.

This was quite the memorable day but it did not end with a grand finale of fireworks. Once back at the hotel it became evident we were not going to enjoy a cocktail at sunset or see any fireworks. The fog San Francisco is so famous for rolled in thick and heavy. Instead, we opted for a wonderful night’s sleep. Twelve hours later we awoke refreshed and began another grand adventure.

Next up our hike from The Presidio to Lands End Point!

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