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We Have a Wil-Burr

I tried to fight it, but it eventually won. What, you ask? The big, gaping hole in my heart for the love of a dog. I waited 545 days for this moment, when another dog came into our life along with unconditional love, tail wags, and soft eye glares. Just before there were many tears shed, some second-guessing, and of course a smidge of tactical persuasion. Here’s how it unfolded…

I am a good citizen and volunteer my extra time at the local humane society, mainly with the cats. I don’t mind spending extra time on weekends cleaning the cat and kitten rooms. Following the step-by-step process of cleaning the litterboxes, floors, and food/water bowls gives me and my undiagnosed ADHD an outlet on Saturday mornings. Not to mention the funny moments on these mornings, sweeping around curious cats and kittens, and the occasional attack from above or from the many nooks and crannies the feline often hide in while I am cleaning their habitat. Afterward, sometimes I venture over to the canine side of the building just to see what poor, unlucky pup is awaiting its forever home.

I admit I’d been looking on the HSDC website at the adoptable dogs and one particular dog caught my eye, but in his photo, he looked like a scarred mob fella, obviously, I needed to find out more about this dog. I spoke with the staff and was having a hard time describing him to them, but when I mentioned he was no longer on the site, that gave them the information needed to discover the dog’s identity.

Come to find out this dog, did not have a scar (poor lightning in his profile photo) and he was currently in isolation due to kennel cough. A very transmittable virus that often spreads like a forest fire through shelters. I was allowed to peek into the isolation area to see the dog.

I was so taken aback by his sad, but kind eyes and total submissive posture that I decided to take a few pictures (which I promised only to show to my family since he was not available for adoption at the moment ) so I could convince them this was the next Carcamo dog.

To make a long story short our mysterious stranger was Wilbur and his gotcha date was July 27, 2019, 545 days from the day we lost our beloved Theo. He joined our family and we promised him a safe, warm, loving place with our family for the rest of the days of his life.

Boy, does he have a personality, he’s a lover, yet very timid. He enjoys food, I mean he lives for his next treat. He is a collector of all things, especially shoes. He understands Cleo our (15-year-old cat) is in charge. Although at first, he did try to establish dominance by dragging her cat bed around the house. He has a lot of friends (mostly human) and everyone thinks he is the “coolest” dog in the world, and so do we!

Update: A photo book of all of his adventures through today (2022) coming soon.

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