Tanks and Chocolate

The boys headed to Luxembourg first to a WW II military museum and learned even more about Will's favorite historical moment from WWII....The Battle of the Bulge. {the square at Bastogne} First stop the cemetery where General Patton and five members of Easy Company are buried.  Then off to where it all happened. William said… Continue reading Tanks and Chocolate


Nanstein Castle

Our first official family outing in Germany (off the Air Base) was to Nanstein castle, also referred to as Landstuhl Castle since it is near the Landstuhl Medical Center.  We journeyed the short 10 minutes by our car, which from this post on will be called das feuer wagon translated to the fire wagon.  Pictures to follow… Continue reading Nanstein Castle


Chocolate in Hershey and Cannons in Valley Forge

Summer 2009 has been one of our more memorable summers. We've enjoyed adventure after adventure along the East coast. Our long weekend started with a trip to Hershey Chocolate World in Hershey, PA where we rode on a chocolate scented ride to learn how chocolate is made from the cocoa bean to the bar. We… Continue reading Chocolate in Hershey and Cannons in Valley Forge