Nanstein Castle

Our first official family outing in Germany (off the Air Base) was to Nanstein castle, also referred to as Landstuhl Castle since it is near the Landstuhl Medical Center.  We journeyed the short 10 minutes by our car, which from this post on will be called das feuer wagon translated to the fire wagon.  Pictures to follow as soon as I take one….

We stopped off at the castle restaurant and filled up on espresso and hot chocolate.

IMG_1603{delicious coffee everyday is my motto}

Then ventured up the old stone steps into a castle that was built around the year 1162 by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I.  The castle was built using sandstone so parts of the castle looked like formations in Utah.

IMG_1608 {sandstone and ornate carvings}

 Blocks with ornate carvings were spread all around and were once used as bases for pedestals.  It was really cool to walk around such an old place, I guess we should get used to that since everything in Europe is really old.  The views around the castle were just as amazing.

IMG_1613{kids at a look out spot}

Fall is peaking here right now so the leaves are brightly colored.  We had a spectacular view of the city of Landstuhl.  We hiked on the surrounding trails and stumbled across tree trunks with carvings…


Lots of pictures below so you can enjoy the castle as well…..



IMG_1633{Hotel Schloss}

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