Rothenburg od Tauber

I often joke about how Ernie would follow his GPS right off a cliff…so much to everyone’s surprise he hesitated on our way into Rothenburg, a well-kept medieval walled city we recently visited.

Ok, it was dark, now that it’s winter, as we arrived on Thanksgiving evening to our latest adventure spot, so I will give him a break.  Picture it this way were cruising along in the modern side of the city then we cross over a bridge, meander up a curvy hill, take a left and them boom the elegant voice on the phone says to take a right in 100 m, yep into the wall.  Ernie’s not sure, I surprise myself and tell him to keep going and under the small arched entryway we go.  After a short jaunt down the cobblestone street we arrive at our B&B The Uhl Bakery and Hotel.

{A view from the top of the cobblestone path we came down to enter Rothenburg}

I walk in and in my very best German (I’ve been practicing most of the way there) “Ich habe eine Reservierung. Es ist für vier Personen.”  Yes, it worked except the person than thought I was German and proceeded to reply quickly in German back to me! 

We get settled in to room #8 on the second floor which is actually the third floor in the US.  Our hotel is situated at Plönlein 8 one of the most photographed areas in Rothenburg.  One might say Christmas card worthy.

Next we headed to the town square to meet Hans Georg Baumgartner, The Night Watchman.

The Nightwatchman of Rothenburg

We walked through the dimly lit streets and squares as we listened to tales of Rothenburg’s past.  One of our favorite moments was seeing the small hole in one of the tower doors where any one left outside the village after dark entered.  This small hole allowed townspeople entry into the fortified city after dark.  The town would never open the large door which might let in an army of attackers.  The person was usually drunk and had to bribe their way back into the safe secure walled-city.  I know a few people who might have needed this passage if they’d lived back in the 1300’s.

IMG_1733{Small hole in the larger main gate to the North tower}

After a pleasant night’s rest and a traditional German breakfast at the hotel’s bakery we wondered down to the wall and made our way around the city and through the castle gardens.  The castle no longer exists but the gardens and the view are still there to enjoy.  The kids found a playground right outside the wall also.

Castle Garden and wall views…

After a nice walk on a cool, brisk day we found our way down to the Christkindl markets and into a mug of Glühwein, literally “glow wine” or German mulled wine,and heiße Schokolade for the kids. The traditional wooden stalls where creative German’s sell their handmade wares were spread all over the marketplatz along with Christmas trees to round out the decor.

IMG_1753Christmas Market

 Josie found a wire necklace that spelled out Josephine ( a more popular name over here) and Will picked up some popcorn and a nutcracker at the famous Käthe Wohlfahrt Store.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The market was a burst of sights and smells and our very first Christmas market. We indulged our taste buds with roasted hazelnuts, kettle corn and a crepe filled with what else, but nutella.

Rothenburg on Thanksgiving will be an experience we will always remember and be thankful for.

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